Lunch and Language

Bienvenidos a Colombia!

The Lunch & Language event on November 1 featured Colombian Spanish.

The presenter Victoria Beltra (from Applied and Computational Mathematics) was born and raised in Cali, a city southwest of Bogotá, known for salsa dancing and cane of sugar farms. 

Victoria took us for a wonderful journey through Colombia, a country with beautiful beaches, mountains, and a  haven of biodiversity, with exotic animals and a variety of orchid flowers. The country’s population is very diverse, and we have learned that Colombians enjoy celebrating their heritage through family traditions, festivals, and carnivals. Although Victoria was presenting entirely in Spanish, even non-Spanish speakers could get to feel the energy and the beauty of this South American country.

One of the most popular Colombian dishes, Bandeja Paisa (a plate of fried eggs, fried pork, rice beans, chorizo, and plantains) was served for lunch. The event concluded with a lively discussion in English about the Colombia cuisine and traditions while enjoying Colombian sweets and coffee.