• Virtual International Film Club: The Country Doctor

      We will be discussing the following film: Film title: Médecin de campagne (The Country Doctor, 2016) Synopsis: This social dramedy stars Francois Cluzet as a devoted and revered countryside doctor whose life gets rocked by a middle-age woman who has come from the city hospital to earn her chops. Challenging each other with opposite views on medicine, the pair eventually bonds and learns from one another. Nominated for Best Actor (Francois Cluzet) at the Cesar Awards. Nominated for an Audience Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Free and available online at Kanopy https://princeton.kanopy.com/video/country-doctor (PUID required)   Watch the trailer: https://www.imdb.com/video/vi1260631577?playlistId=tt5078326&ref_=vp_rv_0  

  • Holiday Party

    Please join us for our annual IEGAP Holiday Party on Friday, December 18th at 4pm. Share your winter tradition, family recipe, or your holiday decorations!    

  • Virtual International Film Club: Leona

    We will be discussing the following film: Film title: Leona, Mexico 2018 https://catalog.princeton.edu/catalog/11700747   Synopsis: An intimate, insightful, and moving film that tells the story of a young Jewish woman from Mexico City who finds herself torn between her family and her forbidden love. Ripe with all the drama and interpersonal conflicts of a Jane Austen novel, watching her negotiate the labyrinth of familial pressure, religious precedent, and her own burgeoning sentiment is both painful and beautiful – there are no easy choices to be made. Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEKp-Ort7hU

  • Virtual International Film Club: The Return

    We will be discussing the following film: Film title: The Return (Vozvrashchenie), Russian 2003 https://catalog.princeton.edu/catalog/11700747   Synopsis: Andrey (Vladimir Garin) and Ivan (Ivan Dobronravov) are brothers who have been raised alone by their mother. When their father (Konstantin Lavronenko) suddenly returns home after vanishing some 12 years earlier, they are both extremely happy to see him back in their lives. Ivan, however, quickly grows suspicious of his father, and determines to find out where exactly his father vanished to all those years ago, and why he suddenly decided to come back into their lives now.  Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEKp-Ort7hU

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