• Habitat for Humanity

    IEGAP volunteers at ReStore

    Last Saturday 7 volunteers from IEGAP got up early to volunteer at new Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Hamilton, NJ. They were asked to sand off the walls which turned out to be a quite tiring task. Nevertheless everyone had great time, there was a lot of laughter and everyone agreed that we should repeat it again. Thanks to Patricia for organizing this wonderful event! And thanks to Vesna, Karen, Patricia, Lena, Georgia, Alicja and Marc-André for all the hard work! Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home.  Habitat ReStores are independently owned reuse stores operated by local Habitat for Humanity…

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    Lunch and Language – El Día de Los Muertos

    On a beautiful fall day, our friends from Latino Princetonians – Lisa M. Linn de Barona and Oscar Torres-Reyes – enabled us to experience El Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) as it is celebrated in Mexico and other South American cultures on November 1st and 2nd. They even built an ofrenda (altar) to honor the dead (some IEGAP members brought the photos of their deceased loved ones). The celebrations developed from pre-Columbian cultures (the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Olmecs), today this holiday is celebrated by families and friends gathering together. This tradition is currently part of Intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. We learned who La Catrina is, what…

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    Jackie Leighton’s Farewell Lunch

    On Tuesday, September 24th we gathered to thank Jackie Leighton for her dedicated support to IEGAP. Jackie Leighton, the director of Davis International Center, was our first Executive Sponsor. She retired last Monday after almost a decade at Princeton University. IEGAP members had a chance to have a lunch and talk with Jackie about her work and her future plans. The biggest surprise was a small concert of Roman (a talented musician from Siberia) who was invited by our fellow member – Iulia. Here are few photos from this event:

  • 701 Carnegie,  ERG,  event

    Don’t miss the Summer ERG Showcase at 701 Carnegie on August 22nd

    This is an opportunity for members who are located off campus but we invited all staff to attend any session(s) you want. The showcase sessions will take place from 1:30pm – 3:30pm and then there will be a happy hour. Mo from our group will have a presentation about Jordan, so if you missed it in spring you are welcome to join him. Please register through Learn.com

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    Lunch and Language – Arabic (Jordan)

    On Friday 5/3 almost fifty people (not only IEGAP members) gathered to taste food, see pictures and hear stories from Jordan. Katy Montoya and Mo’ath Alkhawaldeh gave a beautiful presentation about Jordan. We learned what to do to stop us serving coffee (after several refills) and why we should visit Petra. Thank you!

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    Lunch and Language – Vietnamese (3/27)

    On beautiful Spring day two IEGAP members – Chi Chung and Quoc Nguyen gave us a glimpse into rich Vietnamese culture and food. They also brought homemade Vietnamese food. We learned what bánh is and how it tastes and when and how you should celebrate Tết. Thank you!

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  • Cinema Series,  event

    Princeton International Series: Capernaum (4/4)

    This film is a part of Princeton International Cinema Series and IEGAP members are eligible for free tickets (and free popcorn). “Capernaum” This powerful, intimate story from Lebanon floored audiences at Cannes and the Toronto International Film Festival and is Academy Award-nominated for Best Foreign Language Film. After running away from a life of squalor and his negligent parents, committing a violent crime, and being sentenced to five years in jail, a gutsy, streetwise 12-year-old boy sues his parents “for giving me life.” https://princetongardentheatre.org/films/shoplifters-event Running time: 2hr 6min Director: Nadine Labaki (Lebanon)

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    From Within – art exhibit (3/14)

    This special art exhibit showcased the hidden talents of amateur artists on staff and faculty, including our very own Chanika Svetvilas and Jennifer Cabral-Pierce.  IEGAP members gathered to listen to artists’ commentary on their art project. It was very moving to hear Chanika and Jeniffer’s stories about their art and experiences. Few words from IEGAP members: Thank you for sharing your art with us.The talk was impressive, moving and very emotional.  This is what art should be deep connection with the people. Thank you both – Jennifer and Chanika for sharing your art and stories! It was such a great experience, you touched our hearts. Thank you Jennifer and Chanika for sharing…